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list your token &
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Any token issuer can easily list their token & enable multichain functionality on their asset. When users bridges their token via bridge network, token issuers earn 20% of the bridging fee collected.
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A fully integrated suite of cross-chain tools

Token Bridge

The Vanderbilt

The Vanderbilt is a simple bridging tool that enables users to move a single token from one blockchain to the next.

NFT Bridge

The Picasso

The Picasso allows users transfer non-fungible tokens(NFTs) along with its metadata between blockchains.

Custom Tokens

The Rockefeller

The Rockefeller helps builders integrate their existing assets into the global token bridge.

Multi-chain explorer

The Colombus

The Columbus helps users track both fungible and non-fungible asset movements between blockchains.

Cross Chain Trading

The Carnegie

This grants the ease of trading any two assets on any blockchain with its cross-chain trading interface.

Cross-Chain Yield aggregator

The Tull

The Tull efficiently aggregates yields for multiple assets and automatically bridges and stakes the assets.


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