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Providing all the tools for users & creators to move and transact cross-chain. Move, trade & create cross-chain bridges.

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Named after the great sirs of the world, the toolkit is connected to the core of the bridge network protocol, allowing for frictionless interoperability. 

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The Vanderbilt

The Vanderbilt is a tool that enables users to move a single token from one blockchain to the next. The bridge uses the lock, mint, burn mechanism.

A token bridge

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The Picasso

The Picasso allows users to move non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from one blockchain to the next. NFTs are moved with the metadata in order to maintain the integrity of the NFT.

A NFT bridge

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The Carnegie

The Carnegie is a cross-chain liquidity aggregation trading tool that enables users to trade between any two assets, on any blockchain, regardless of whether a market exists or not. 

Cross-chain trading

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The Rockefeller

The Rockefeller is a first of its kind tool that allows token issuers to deploy a bridge for their asset and earn fees when users transact via their bridge. 

Create your own bridge

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Security & insurance

Multi-hop technology

The bridge network protocol is secured with external hack mitigation tools, distributed nodes & insurance to offer users peace of mind when transacting cross-chain

Bridge network protocol uses multi-hop to transact between multiple markets, and its very own token bridge to allow for frictionless trading.

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Powering the Bridge Network Ecosystem

The Bridge Token (BRG) is used to power the Bridge Network ecosystem. Use BRG to build bridges, stake, earn rewards & more.

This token has not been launched as yet.


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